Who We Are

Puhos Loves People 2017 is a cultural festival for the whole family. The event takes place on Saturday 5th of August 2017 at Puhos Mall, located in Itäkeskus area of Helsinki, Finland. The Puhos mall is a spontaneously developed meeting point and lively entrepreneur hub which gathers people from diverse backgrounds. Puhos Loves People brings together music, food and other culture programme designed together by the communities from Puhos and other parts of Eastern Helsinki. The event is free of charge and alcohol free

The festival´s background lies on the late 2016 published news of demolishing the Puhos Mall. To sustain that the mall would continue gathering people together also in the future, the local communities have produced the festival to foster cultural activity and visibility of the Puhos Mall. 
The initiators of the Puhos Loves People festival are Badbaado Organisation, visual artists JP Kaljonen & Sari Hiltunen, community educator Joonas Lehtola together with local communities.
15:15 I BanglaFinis a band promoting cultural integrity through fusion of Finnish and Bengali traditional music . Since 2009 the band has performed several concerts across Finland.
15:45 I Introducing Communities of Puhos
16:15 I Dimitri Paile is a Helsinki based vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter. After playing guitar, bass, and drums in local punk bands like Beastmilk, BOLT, and Våld, Dimitri is now writing and performing melancholy ballads for the weary.
17:00 I Pirata Boingis Spanish, Portuguese and English performing band combining Latin American reggae, hip hop and various other musical genres. Since 2001 the band has performed in diverse events and festivals around Europe and Latin America.
17:45 I Afternoon prayer lasting break
18:15 I Es-Ow Diatois Helsinki based musician with Senegalian roots. Diato has performed in various festivals in Africa and Europe wowing his audience with mellow afro vibes.
19:00 I Taha is a Finnish singing hip hop artists who started his career in Ambizionz band.
19:45 I Aweys Shambiis a raising star among Finnish Somali youths. Shambi is a charismatic performer who is known from his exceptional skill to participate and captivate his audience. Shambi is the only Finnish musician mastering the Somalian Shirb-music.
20:30 I Asma Love(ET) is an Ethiopian musician who´s soul, jazz and R&B based music has made him internationally acclaimed performer among East-African communities in Middle-East, East-Africa and Europe.
18:15 I Monineuvot Poetry Club 
Muhaned Durubi is an Iraqi visual Artist and a poet who has escaped to Finland in 2014 and since then participated in various poetry events and actively held exhibitions in Helsinki. He is a member of Iraqi Artist Society and Kiila Organisation for Artists’ and writers’.
Zoila Forss is a Peruvian-Finnish poet who´s bilingual debut poetry collection Revontuli was published in 2014 both in Finnish and Spanish languages. Forss has performed in various poetry events and since 2013 she has participated to a multilingual poetry project Sivuvalo. During last years Forss has collaborated in many translation projects.
Lasse Hauerwaas is an European poet, who spend his time on pages of history books, Helsinki, Athens and Munchen. Hauerwaas has published four poetry collections, the most recent one titled Jats (Enostone, 2016). Hauerwaas is known from his anarchistic poems which vary from rants to modest contemplations about entitlement of humanity.
Hamdam Zakirov is an Uzbekistan born poet who has lived in Finland since 2001. His poems and articles has been published in various countries and translated to many languages. In Finnish he has published poetry collection Kaukana mereltä (ntamo, 2016, translation Jukka Mallinen).
15:00-17:00 I Henna painting Workshop offers children possibility to decorate themselves with variety of henna tattoos. The workshop is held by Visual Artist Abida Jahan.
15:00-17:00 I Robot-Workshop participants have a chance to build their own drawing robot. The workshop is recommended for school age children. Organizer of the workshop is Laura Uusitalo. The workshop is supported by HOImark Oy.
15:00-17:00 I Bag Printing Workshop offers festival guests possibility to print themselves own Puhos bag. The workshop is held by visual artist Riku Mäkinen.
21:00 I Community based composition for Puhos is a collaboration between composer Pekka Toivonen and East-Helsinki based youths Saartu, Faylan and Aweys. The first public performance of the composition takes place in public space in the middle of Puhos Mall. The composition and a workshop where the piece has been developed are produced as a part of the Finnish Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma Theatre URB17-Festival programme.
Pop-up stalls and local restaurants serve festival quests Irakian-, Kurdish-, Somali-, Kongo- ja Gambian dishes.
Festival is produced in cooperation wit  Museum of Contemporary Art Finland Kiasma Theatre / Urb-17 festival, Writers´ and Artists´ Association Kiila, Kallio Music School, Alanya Oriental Market, Restaurant Arbailo, Restaurant Kirkuk, Sabir Halal Meat and Electronic Store Tronik.
Supported by: City of Helsinki Cultural Office,