Who We Are

Puhos ♡ People 2017 was a cultural festival for the whole family. The event which gathered around one thousand participants took place on 5th of August 2017 at the Puhos Mall in Itäkeskus area of Helsinki. Consisting of various different communities and shops, cafes, restaurants and mosques ran by multiligual communities Puhos is currently one of the main transcultural hub´s of the Helsinki City. The area is spontaneously developed intercultural meeting place which gathers together people from various backgrounds.

The festival´s background lay on the late 2016 published news of demolishing the Puhos mall. To sustain that the mall would continue gathering people together also in the future, the local communities produced the festival, which aimed to support the cultural activation and visibility of the Puhos mall.

Puhos ♡ People brought together diverse cultural programme and -food. Among others the festival programme comprised musicians from Ethiopia, Senegal and Eastern-Helsinki, composition work produced for Puhos by local youths, and a club featuring poets from different language backgrounds. Pop-up stalls and local restaurants served festival quests Irakian-, Kurdish-, Somali-, Kongo- and Gambian dishes.

The initiators of the Puhos ♡ People 2017 festival were Badbaado Organisation, visual artists Sirkku Halme and JP Kaljonen, community educator Joonas Lehtola together with local communities.